Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Beat the Rush: Senior portrait specials at M.J.B. Photography!

Senior picture season is here and M.J.B. Photography is offering "Early Bird" pricing for everyone who signs up by June 16th. Save $50.00 on any full senior portrait package and you will have until August 15th to schedule your senior's photo session. Beat the rush and call Michael Becka, Omaha's premier portrait photographer at 402-612-0932. 
M.J.B. Photography Studio, centrally located at 2665 Farnam St. offers a full service studio and unique outside settings for creative senior pictures that will be enjoyed for years. 
Our senior picture pricing is easy to understand with no hidden charges. Mothers Brag Book is included, and units are ordered ala carte to customized your photo package. 
Visit M.J.B. Photography's pricing page here 
Senior Portrait Pricing and take $50.00 of package pricing 
by signing up by June 16th. 
 Senior Portrait Special until June 16th at M.J.B. Photography Studio.
 Call Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 and save on senior picture packages.
 Fun and relaxed photo sessions capture personality in every picture.
 Our studio offers unique Omaha settings.
 Call before June 16th 2015 to save!
 Professional senior photos at fantastic prices.
 Call 402-612-0932 to claim your senior picture discount!
That's 402-612-0932, or visit www.mjbphotography.net for more information.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Why you want the copyright release for your wedding photography.

As one of Omahas most experienced wedding photographers I have followed many trends in the industry. Years ago, large wedding albums were very popular. As the digital photography world emerged, wedding albums changed from the bulky heritage senior style album to a flush mount photo coffee table album that are designed and published. These albums can be time consuming and you need good customer service to discus your favorite pictures with your wedding album designer.
This is why you want the copyrights to the photos of your wedding day.
1). You can design your own album and save a lot of money. Album design is much easier these days and by designing it yourself, you get exactly what you want.
2). Pictures are much easier to share on your social media. You can send photos in an email and post on your Face Book.
3). You can make all the prints you want and save a lot of money. In the digital age, all pictures printed at photo labs are calibrated and the only real difference is the type of paper the lab prints on. You can make canvas photos, thank you cards and all the specialty products available.
4). You can make additional edits on any of the photographs. You may love a picture, but wish it was cropped a little closer, or turned to black and white. When you own the copyrights, you will be able to that and so much more.
M.J.B. Photography Studio offers copyright release only packages that include professional photography and editing with images in full resolution. Print your own photos and save! Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 or visit www.mjbphotography.net for more information.
Our studio is located at 2665 Farnam St. suite 101 and specializes in portrait photography, senior pictures, headshots, and of course wedding photography. Email Michael at mjbphoto1@cox.net with any questions or to set up your photgraphy appointment.

 Wedding Photographer in Omaha Nebraska.
Copyright release packages available!
Wedding Photography, Senior Pictures, Portraits and Headshots at M.J.B. Photography Studio.
 Call 402-612-0932 for more information.
 Corporate headshots and senior picture packages can add copyright release  to any photography services package.


Friday, April 24, 2015

When do you need a professional photographer?

Professional photography is alive and well, it has just became more affordable. Seems like everyone knows someone with a nice camera that would love to photograph your wedding, or shoot your child's senior pictures. However, there are times only a professional photographer will do. M.J.B. Photography is owned by award winning photographer Michael Becka who beats prices of other professional photographers and delivers great customer service. 
It is senior portrait season and our photo studio located at 2665 Farnam St. suite 101 has unique outside settings that capture Omaha's charm. Sessions are fun and relaxed to capture the genuine smiles and style of your senior in pictures. Photos are professionally shot and edited and include an album of 48 poses. Packages can be customized to meet your needs and budget.
Photographing a wedding is a time consuming event. This is one of those times only professional photography should be considered. Michael Becka is one of Omaha's most experienced wedding photographers and all packages include professional editing and copyrights can be added to any package.
A headshot for your business profile significantly improves your chances of landing that sale or job. Our corporate photography division offers business portraits on disc for you to use as needed.
Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss your photography project or visit www.mjbphotography.net for more information. 
 M.J.B. Photography Studio
2665 Farnam St suite 101
Omaha NE 68131
 Senior portraits, wedding photography, family photos and corporate headshots.
Call 402-612-0932 for more information.

That's 402-612-0932 

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Why I love SmugMug for photography storing.

SmugMug is an online photo storing website that M.J.B. Photography Studio has  used for 10 years. SmugMug has programs for professional photographers and affordable programs for families too.
Here is a link to my SmugMug: 

Things I like about SmugMug:
You can store photos online, so if anything should ever happen to my photos I have them saved at a different locataion.

You can create galleries like Wedding Photography, Senior Pictures, Family Photos etc. and folders are easy to share.

You can protect the photos from being copied or you can allow your pictures to be uploaded.

You can sell photos with some programs and set your own pricing.

The photos they print are of amazing quality and reasonably priced.

Video can be uploaded and saved along with the photos.

Click this link to check it out for yourself and use the SmugMug coupon to receive 20% off your subscription.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Modeling portfolio photography and portraits at M.J.B.

I recently had body builder and model Jamiuah in for an update to his modeling portfolio. His style and incredible shape make for a great photo session. M.J.B. Photography offers sessions for couples portraits, senior pictures, family photos, and corporate headshots. Our studio located at 2665 Farnam St 68131 can accomidate groups up to 25 people and has unique outside settings to give you one of a kind photos that will be enjoyed for generations.
Owned by award winning photographer Michael Becka, we strive to deliver professional photography that has style and captures personalities. Packages are customized to meet your needs and we listen to your ideas o leave you with the pictures you called M.J.B. Photography for.
Studio photography sessions still have winter pricing until April 15th so now is the time to set up the photography project you want. Call Michael at 402-612-0932 or visit www.mjbphotography.net for more information.

 Modeling portfolio photography sessions at M.J.B. Photography!
 Portrait photography for any occasion at our studio.
 Professional photography for when only the best pictures will do.
 Photo packages customized to meet your needs.
Call M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to discuss your photo project.

Monday, February 23, 2015

A new business portrait or corporate headshot is an investment, not an expense.

M.J.B. Photography Studio is Omaha's premier business portrait and corporate headshot photographer. Customizing packages to meet your needs and budget, we professionally photograph and edit images for you to use on your profile page, website, advertising, or your office wall.
Studies show that when you show a professional portrait on your LinkedIn profile or advertising, that your chances of landing the sale or job dramatically increases. At M.J.B. Photography, the process is easy and worth every penny. We offer our professional portable photo studio, where we set up in at your office and update the entire teams photos quickly to save you time and money. Our studio, located at 2665 Farnam St 68131 has multiple backdrops to chose from, and we also offer work environment portraits that capture you at work, for a relaxed more natural setting.
Call owner Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your portrait needs and set up a photo session. M.J.B. Photography also specializes in wedding photography, senior pictures, family photos and portraits for any occasion. Visit our website at www.mjbphotography.net for more information or send an email at mjbphoto1@cox.net with any questions.

 Headshot Photography Studio in Omaha
Portrait Studio for headshot and business' in Omaha.
 Team Photos by M.J.B. Photography
M.J.B. Photography is a  Member of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce.
 Our studio can come to you to save you time and money!
Call M.J.B. Photography 402-612-0932!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Wedding Photography 101: It's not "The Kiss"

As a wedding photographer, one has to evolve with the profession or it will become a job. When I first started documenting weddings, I felt the kiss was such an important part of the day that many photos of "the kiss" was needed. It turns out the best photos are either just before the lips touch or immediately after. The anticipation of the kiss or the satisfaction make for a more emotional photo that captures their connection.
M.J.B. Photography is one of Omaha's most experienced wedding photographers that loves capturing all the excitement and leaving you with creative professional wedding photos that will be enjoyed for generations.
M.J.B. Photography is hoping Nebraska passes their gay marriage bill, and our studio located at 2665 Farnam St, (right up from the courthouse) will be available to photograph the event.
Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to discuss any upcoming photo project or visit www.mjbphotography.net for more information.

 Wedding Photography in Omaha.
 Capturing emotion with photography.
 M.J.B. Photography customizes wedding photography packages to meet your needs.
Call 402-612-0932 to talk about your photography project.