Thursday, September 11, 2014

Memorial Park's 9-11 Minute of Silence

Today marks the anniversary of the attack on the United States and Memorial Park had a tribute to those who served and gave all for our country. We are so lucky to be Americans and should never take it for granted. M.J.B. Photography says thank you to all veterans and service people that put their lives on the line every day. 
Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography offers creative and professional event photography for any occasion and our photographers strive to capture emotion for any event and proud to be a small business as a photography studio in Omaha Nebraska. Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss your next photo project, or visit for more information on all our photography services.
 Memorial Park Omaha Nebraska
9-11 Minute of Silence

Creative event photography by M.J.B. Photography

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Time for outside family photos, senior portraits and engagement pictures in Omaha.

Fall will soon be upon us and that is perfect weather for just about any portrait session. M.J.B. Photography has many locations for beautiful pictures in the park and all portrait sessions are shot with a relaxed attitude to capture genuine smiles and personalities. Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to discuss any photo project you are needing. Specializing in portrait photography, weddings, family photo's corporate headshots and senior pictures, our studio becomes a part of your team to deliver the professional results you expect from your photographer. Visit for mre information.

Senior Pictures to fit your budget!

 Fun family photo sessions.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family pictures in Omaha

As the weather starts to cool off and the trees start to change color, it is time to think about having your family pictures taken. M.J.B. Photography offers studio family portraits and also offers sessions done at a park or even your own back yard.
Our strategy is to make the photo session fun, so everyone has genuine smiles and we can capture personalities in the pictures. At M.J.B. Photography, we listen to your ideas and bring in our own to give you a great variety of poses that are fun and original. Our professional photographers are trained to pay attention to details and work fast so we do not miss a split second expression on the youngsters. Editing is included with every family photography session so everyone looks their very best.
Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. at 402-612-0932 to discuss any portrait session you may need. Senior pictures, business portraits, maternity photo sessions, engagement pictures, and of course family pictures. For more information visit our website at
Studio photo sessions, or at a park in Omaha.

Family photo sessions are fun and will be remembered by everyone.

Family photos and maternity picture sessions

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Professional photo editing for photos you took.

Photo editing is probably just as important as taking a good picture. Everyone wants to look their best, and in the editing process one can correct skin tones, fix blemishes, erase wrinkles and add special effects. Michael Becka, the owner of M.J.B. Photography in Omaha Nebraska is a professional photo editor that is offering his services to people that have great pictures that need help. If you have photos that could be so much better with Photoshop editing, give Michael a call at 402-612-0932. His many years experience can change a nice picture into an image that will be enjoyed for generations. Michael can take a poor picture and save it so everyone is properly lit, and he can restore old prints that are damaged and make them look like new.
M.J.B. Photography's studio is located at 2665 Farnam St. suite 101 and specializes in , wedding photography, senior pictures, portraits and corporate headshots. Other services include studio rental, one on one photography classes and one on one photo editing classes for the beginner. Contact Michael at visit www, for more information or call 402-612-0932 to discuss your photography project.

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Monday, August 04, 2014

How to choose your photographer.

As you start shopping for a photographer, you be overwhelmed with the number of photographers, what they offer, and their wide range of prices. How do you choose from so many options?
One of the first things a consumer should consider is what product they are  looking for? Wedding photography, senior pictures, portraits and family photos all have different needs and products. Some photographers offer albums, some offer copyrights, some offer editing and digital enhancements.
Albums are great if you want physical prints or something to put on your coffee table. Many wedding photography packages include albums, however their popularity is decreasing with digital media like Facebook and the I phone these days, but important if you want a photograph to hang on the wall. Copyrights are becoming more popular with senior portraits because consumers can create their own prints, post them on the web, make holiday cards or invitations with them, or put a photo on the phone to share with friends you run in to.
The second thing to consider is the photographers themselves. Look for reviews that say they are customer oriented, as some photographers think it is all about them. You really do want a photographer that listens to your ideas and will work with you to get the image you visualize in your head. Look for creative poses and a unique style, so the photos you receive will stand out from the competition. Customer service is very important as many great photographers do not deliver good customer service. Ask what the "turn around" time will be. Ask what camera equipment they use as many people who call themselves professional do not have the equipment for every photo situation.
The 3rd thing to consider is pricing. Photography prices vary between photographers, and the most expensive photographer is not necessarily the best. If you are on a tight budget, look at a copyright option so you can print your own photos and save big money! Tell the photographer your budget and ask what you can get for that amount.
M.J.B. Photography offers many options for photo products, delivers great personal service, owner and lead photographer Michael Becka is creative and offers packages to fit most budgets. Call 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming photography project or visit for more information.

Professional Senior Pictures

Creative Wedding Photography

Maternity Photographer

Family Photos!

Portrait Photographer

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Senior Class Expo at the Ralston Arena

M.J.B. Photography is excited to be a part of the team of the Senior Class Expo being held in Ralston today! Come visit our booth and book a session today and receive 10% off any complete senior photo package, just say you saw it on my blog!
Senior pictures are a wonderful right of passage. Your child is growing up and has made it to the final year of high school. Their personality is unique and they have hobbies and dreams that make this a very special time in their lives. At M.J.B. Photography, we strive to capture what makes your senior "one of a kind." Poses are customized to coincide with their personality and every session is all about them!
Packages are affordable, and the quality of photos is professional. Complete sessions start at $399.00 and include a 90 minute session, an album of 48 edited 4"X6" prints, and 10 units of reprints that you choose. Units are either 1 ea. 8"X10" print, or 2 ea. 5"X7" print or 10 wallets. Copyrights can be added to any package for you to use in graduation announcements, or social networking.
Owner Michael Becka also documents weddings and strives to capture emotion and help the day flow smoothly. Call 402-612-0932 to discuss your portrait and wedding photography needs in Omaha!

Senior Picture time in Omaha!
 Creative, one of a kind senior portraits.

Packages customized to meet your needs and budget.

M.J.B. Photography 2665 Farnam St. Omaha NE 68131

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why digital photography stinks.

I have been a professional photographer for almost 20 years and learned my trade with film. The digital camera came along and I embraced the technology. It is amazing what you can do with a photo these days, and even consumer level cameras deliver photographs that are much higher quality than consumer level film cameras do. It may not be that the pictures are better, but what you can do with the picture after it is taken that we all find amazing.
When I was shooting film, one had to understand how a camera works, and know the different qualities of light. A professional photographer would pose the group to flatter the people with double chins or other challenges. The result was a flattering actual photograph, with a negative to make your reprints.Film has a quality that digital does not duplicate, as film has a character that is not perfect. The photograph was actually how the person looked, and it was up to the professional to capture the subject in the best light.
It has been interesting to observe what the consumer wants with their professional photographs these days. Brides want flawless skin, and thinner arms, business portrait clients may want a bald spot filled in, or wrinkles removed, or even a thinner face or no double chin. Senior picture customers may want braces removed, perfect complexion, a different background or props added to a photo. No one wants to look like themselves anymore.
It is not that I think there is no place for the digital camera, I believe there should be a place for film photography in the digital age. Film is timeless and true, it does not lie.
M.J.B. Photography offers film photography along with digital for wedding photography. One roll of film for bridal portraits and newlywed pictures leave you with photos that will be enjoyed for generations. Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming photography project offering professional film and digital results.

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