Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Why digital photography stinks.

I have been a professional photographer for almost 20 years and learned my trade with film. The digital camera came along and I embraced the technology. It is amazing what you can do with a photo these days, and even consumer level cameras deliver photographs that are much higher quality than consumer level film cameras do. It may not be that the pictures are better, but what you can do with the picture after it is taken that we all find amazing.
When I was shooting film, one had to understand how a camera works, and know the different qualities of light. A professional photographer would pose the group to flatter the people with double chins or other challenges. The result was a flattering actual photograph, with a negative to make your reprints.Film has a quality that digital does not duplicate, as film has a character that is not perfect. The photograph was actually how the person looked, and it was up to the professional to capture the subject in the best light.
It has been interesting to observe what the consumer wants with their professional photographs these days. Brides want flawless skin, and thinner arms, business portrait clients may want a bald spot filled in, or wrinkles removed, or even a thinner face or no double chin. Senior picture customers may want braces removed, perfect complexion, a different background or props added to a photo. No one wants to look like themselves anymore.
It is not that I think there is no place for the digital camera, I believe there should be a place for film photography in the digital age. Film is timeless and true, it does not lie.
M.J.B. Photography offers film photography along with digital for wedding photography. One roll of film for bridal portraits and newlywed pictures leave you with photos that will be enjoyed for generations. Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming photography project offering professional film and digital results.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Engagement celebration photos.

Recently I documented an engagement celebration that was a lot of fun. The party started with a unity sand ceremony and went right in to the newly engaged couple dancing.  There was then an exchange of rings and then the dance floor was open. Everyone at the celebration danced, and there was fun had by all. The party was full of fun and cultural traditions, and I am fortunate to document such a unique event.
M.J.B. Photography is experienced at wedding photography, portraits, senior pictures corporate photography and special events.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

What should professional photography cost?

So you are looking for a photographer, and your choices are overwhelming. If you are looking for a wedding photographer some photographers charge $800.00 and some charge $4000.00, why is there such a big difference in pricing? The photo world has changed dramatically in the last few years as the digital camera has evolved to a point where anyone can feel like a professional.  The smart phone does a great job if you only need snapshots the size of your phone's screen, but does not compete with the high end cameras a professional photographer will use. It boils down to time equity, talent and overhead expenses. The expensive photographer may have too big of an ego, or he/she may shoot with the most expensive equipment and invest hundreds of hours in your wedding photography project. The cheaper photographer may shoot with amateur equipment  and invest little time, or may be very talented and building their resume so they can raise their prices later.
At M.J.B. Photography, we aim for clients who are looking for fantastic pictures at an affordable price. Shooting with professional Canon cameras and using their best lenses deliver amazing results, and by keeping  our overhead low, we keep our prices at fair market value. In short, we don't skimp on the quality of the photos, but provide fewer "bells and whistles" to provide you the product you want at am affordable rate.
Call Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming professional photography needs. Visit for more information on portrait photography and senior pictures, or visit for more information on our wedding photography. Visit for business headshots and corporate photography needs.
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Business portraits and senior pictures in Omha.

Senior picture time is here and M.J.B. Photography has been busy customizing photo packages for families to meet their needs and budget. Owner Michael Becka creates one of a kind senior portraits and business headshots in our studio at 2665 Farnam St. suite 101 Omaha NE 68131. Our unique settings in the alley combined with our full service studio make M.J.B. the perfect place if you want photography that captures your personality.
Our business headshots range from simple, traditional and affordable to documentary style photographs that show you working at what makes you special. M.J.B. Photography also offers corporate photography for advertising and portfolio needs. Call 402-612-0932 with any questions or to set up an appointment.
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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Fashion photography session

M.J.B. Photography was fortunate to work with a New York City fashion designer on a recent photo session. It was an interesting shoot that included hair stylists, make up artist, set designer and of course professional models.
M.J.B. Photography's studio offers senior pictures, family photos, portraits, business pictures and headshots. Every session is treated as a one of a kind event and packages are customized to meet your budget. Owned by photographer Michael Becka with a team of professionals to give your family photographs that will last for generations, or mission is to make all photo sessions fun, unique and professional. Call M.J.B. Photography today to talk about your upcoming photography project.

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Friday, May 30, 2014

Engagement photography season in Omaha!

Engagement photography sessions are great because it gives you a chance to work with your photographer before the wedding, and it leaves you with great photos that capture your personalities. M.J.B. Photography recently had an engagement photo session where the couple enjoyed bow hunting and wanted to use a hunting theme with their session. I enjoy when I have a new photography challenge, and this was one of those times.
I always strive to give couples a great variety of photo styles with their session, as this is a very important time in their lives. Photography is a very personal endeavor,  and I believe the photos will be enjoyed for generations. Creative editing of the photos are an important part of any photography session, and editing is always included with engagement photo sessions.
M.J.B. Photography is a portrait studio located at 2665 Farnam st, specializing in wedding photography, senior pictures, family photos, business portraits, and headshots. Contact Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming photography project.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

When should you hire a professional photographer.

Professional photography has changed dramatically in the digital camera age. Cameras on your phone make it very easy to record just about every event in your life. A recent study shows that those who take too many pictures actually have a hard time remembering the event. Here is a link to that article: www.huffingtonpost.memory-loss-causes
When I was young, our family would get professional photos taken about once a year. I remember the event as being an important time for my Mom, and the photos that I  have are important to me now that Mom is gone.
Making the event special helps give fond memories of family life, and now those photos are more important to me. M.J.B. Photography delivers fun sessions to get natural smiles and capture personalities in every photography event. Photo sessions at a park or in the studio are memorable, and the photos you receive will be enjoyed for generations
Senior photos were important for my Mom too. I really did not want them at the time, but they make me smile whenever I see them as an adult. It really was a family event that helped me understand how important I am to everyone.
Wedding photography should only be trusted by a professional. I hear of too many horror stories of people "cutting corners" and being disappointed with the results.
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