Friday, January 22, 2016

One of a kind photography studio in Omaha.

M.J.B. Photography Studio, located at 2665 Farnam St. is conveniently located, spacious and has creative settings for senior pictures, family photos and unique portraits for any occasion. Owned by professional photographer Michael Becka since 2005 who listens to your ideas to give you photos that will be enjoyed for years.
Our photo studio can accommodate large groups up to 30 people and our studio's outside settings show Omaha's downtown charm. Perfect for senior pictures, when you want your photos to be unique and capture personality. M.J.B. Photography 's studio has multiple backdrops for headshots and corporate portraits, and family photos Our packages are customized to meet your needs and budget.
Call Mike at 402-612-0932 with any questions or visit for more information.

One of a kind photography studio in Omaha
Inside our spacious, one of a kind photography studio.

Senior pictures for any  budget.
Multiple settings and backgrounds.

M.J.B. Photography has unique settings for senior pictures.
Outside M.J.B. Photography Studio.
Spacious, unique, affordable photos by Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography.
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to discuss your photo project.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to save money planning a wedding in Omaha.

As a wedding photographer in Omaha I have attended hundreds of weddings and believe that the best weddings are not the ones that spend the most money. Granted even an affordable style wedding is pretty darn expensive.
Here are a few ideas that can save you money without sacrificing a nice wedding.
I will start with Photography: There are so many options anymore for choosing a wedding photographer that the task can become overwhelming. You may have friends or family that will volunteer to be your photographer. Be careful if this is an option for you, as you want an experienced pro for one of the most important days in your life. Find out if editing is included in the offer, as more time will be spent editing the pics as taking them. Will they be able to get the group poses you need and do they really have good enough camera equipment for the job. Also if a friend takes the photos they will miss the guest experience of you wedding. M.J.B. Photography offer a copyright only package that includes professional photography and editing. You receive a flash drive with hundreds of quality photos with copyright release. Visit for more information.
Second, Venue: Choosing the right place for your wedding is a key factor for a good reception. Look for a hall that lets you bring in your own food and alcohol and you can cut the expense in half! Simply Ballroom is a perfect option for weddings with less than 300 guests. Visit for more information.
Third, Cakes and flowers. Hy-Vee does a very good job with cakes and flowers. They provide quality services at a fraction of the cost of other places. Click here for more information.
Fourth, DJ services: I don't recommend the Ipod for music at a wedding reception. The one thing a professional provides is being the emcee. The DJ will keep the event flowing and everyone dancing. You can save a lot by doing this yourself, but have someone announce all the highlights from your wedding reception.
Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, shorten your guest list: Keep the guests to the "A" list and only keep the most important people at your wedding. Many times I have seen people expect 300 guests and only 200 show up. Of course you don't want to run out of food, but getting an accurate count on who is attending will prevent you from wasting money.
OK, so these are a few ideas to save you money when having a wedding in Omaha Nebraska on a budget.
The best advice I can give to a bride and groom is have fun and enjoy your day.
Call Mike Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to talk more about your wedding photography.
This is a photo of the beautiful wedding party in the church in Omaha.Wedding photography on a budget in Omaha? 
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 Experienced professional photography with competitive prices!
creative photo of the wedding rings

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Photography studio special all winter at M.J.B. Photography!

Photo specials all winter at M.J.B. Photography Studio, located at 2665 Farnam st. in Omaha Nebraska. Family portraits start at $50.00, corporate headshot sessions from $40.00 and senior pictures in the winter will save you $150.00 off any complete senior portrait package. Winter wedding photo packages are customized with prices discounted to meet your budget.
Call Michael Becka, owner and lead photographer of M.J.B. Photography at 402-612-0932 to discuss your photography needs or email us at with any questions. Visit our website at for more information on M.J.B. Photography Studio.
 Portrait specials at M.J.B. Photography Studio.
 Call 402-612-0932 to discuss your photography project.
 Family photo sessions are fun and affordable!
 Senior picture packages on sale all winter long at 
M.J.B. Photography.

 Portrait specials for any occasion.

M.J.B. Photography 402-612-0932

Friday, December 11, 2015

Photographer for big family pictures!

Is there a photography studio in Omaha that can handle a family of 25 people? The answer is Yes!
M.J.B. Photography Studio, located at 2665 Farnam St. has a spacious studio and can shoot group portraits as large as 25.
If you have the entire family in town for the holiday's, it's the perfect time to update family photo's.
There are many combinations of poses: The entire family, just the grand kids, grand kids with grandparents, just Mom and Dad, etc. Since you are coming to the studio, let us update everyone's pictures.
Packages are customized to meet your needs and competitively priced.
Call owner and lead photographer Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming family portraits or visit for more information.
M.J.B. Photography Studio for large group portraits. 
 Our studio can accommodate families of 25 people. 
 Call Mike Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your photo project.
 Having your family photos taken is a memorable experience, and the  will be enjoyed for generations.
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Friday, November 06, 2015

Photos from a recent wedding by M.J.B. Photography

Here are highlights from the 400 photos I edited at a recent wedding I photographed. It was a beautiful day with great people and everything went smoothly. At M.J.B. Photography you get a talented professional photographer that strives to capture emotion and excitement of the wedding day. Our packages are affordable and copyrights to all the edited images are included. Michael Becka, owner of M.J.B. Photography keeps wedding photo packages simple and affordable. You may not get all the bells and whistles, but the quality of the pictures will satisfy even the  tougher critics.
Call Mike at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming wedding or visit for more information.
 Wedding photography that will be enjoyed for generations.
 Documenting the day as it evolves.
 Classic wedding photography with a contemporary edge.
 Professional wedding photography by M.J.B.!

 Wedding photo packages customized to meet your needs.
 Timeless memories

Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss your wedding photography.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Photo editing service at M.J.B. Photography

Do you have photos from a vacation, a family reunion, a wedding or from any event that could use some Photoshop, but you don'y know how? M.J.B. Photography offers professional photo editing to make photos you took  look professional. Owner and lead photographer Michael Becka is one of Omahas most experienced photo editor and can make an average photo great, a good photo amazing and cam possibly take a poor photo and make it good.
Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss the photos you own that need some love. Visit for more information on our wedding photography, senior portraits, family photos, corporate photography and business headshots.
 Professional photo editing for photos you have taken.
 Make your photos look their very best!
 Call Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your professional photography needs.
Visit for more information on 
M.J.B. Photography Studio.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Engagement photo session at Elmwood Park in Omaha.

Elmwood Park is a great place to take portraits for any occasion. Family photos, senior pictures, engagement photography and wedding portraits are all great reasons to break out your camera. Here are examples of M.J.B. Photography's style for engagement photo's. I keep people relaxed, make the session fun and capture personalities to make the photos special that will be enjoyed for generations.
M.J.B. Photography Studio is located at 265 Farnam St. and owned by professional photographer Michael J. Becka. Specializing in portraits, wedding photography, family photos, corporate headshots, and practically any photography need.
Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss your photo project, or email us at or visit our website at
           Call M.J.B. Photography for professional results and 
                                       fun photo sessions.
         Engagement sessions, portrait photography, family photos.                                     Call Michael at 402-612-0932
 Affordable, fun and professional results!

 M.J.B. Photography 402-612-0932

Thursday, September 03, 2015

M.J.B. Photography Studio specializes in Senior Portraits, Family photos and more.

Michael J. Becka is the owner of M.J.B. Photography Studio at 2665 Farnam St. in Omaha Nebraska. Specializing in all types of portrait photography such as senior pictures, engagement photos, corporate headshots family pictures and Canadian passport photos.
Every portrait session captures personality and is treated as a one of a kind experience. Sessions are fun, the quality is professional, the prices are competitive and turn around time is fast. All sessions include professional editing and copyright releases can be added to any photo package.
Michael has worked with many Omaha companies to provide headshots, business portraits  and corporate event photography. Michael provides custom Senior picture packages to meet your need and budget and our wedding photography packages include copyright release to hundreds of professionally shot and edited photos. Our studio also provides Canadian Passport photos that meet the specific criteria Canada requires.
Family photo sessions are fun and the experience will be remembered for a lifetime.
Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming photography project, or visit for more information.

Portrait photography for any need at 
M.J.B. Photography Studio in Omaha.
Professional photography for corporate events.

 Senior portraits customized to meet your needs.
Creative wedding and engagement photography for picture to be enjoyed by generations.
 Call 402-612-0932 to discuss your photo needs.